October 26, 2006

Aahista Aahista - Zzzhhh....

After a 200mph day at the office today I could not think of any other movie then Aahista Aahista to watch. If a movie title translates into "gradually" or "unhurried" then that is exactly the tempo I was looking for tonight.
Little did I know that in this case it also meant comatose. I have never witnessed so many breaks in one conversation. Meri matlab: One sentence. Pause. Another sentence. Frown. Pause. Gesture. Pause. Sad face. Pause. Now how´s thats for slow?

And then again, it is a sweet movie with endearing characters and wonderful unpretentious people you instantly like. And Dehli as wonderful backdrop on top of it.

Ankush is making a living by acting as witness at a marriage registrar office in Delhi. One day he meets Megha. Uski pas ek choti problem hai. She ran away from home to get married to Deeraj who just doesn´t show up. So the small town girl is all alone and totally broke in the big city. Ankush, being a nice guy, takes care of her and helps her getting a job and a place to live. And in return aahista aahista falls in love with the girl. But then after 2 months when everything looks bilkul accha Deeraj appears looking for Megha all of a sudden.

I have a new favorite Deol (apart from Dharmendra of course): Abhay. The cousin of Bobby and Sunny. He has huge *sigh* potential. You have to see it to believe it. And Soha Ali Khan is perfect for the sweet girl part. Perfectly unglamourous.

I just wished all of you would be able to read German. Marco´s review of Aahista Aahista is so dead on.


Anonymous said...

Sounds good! And would love to see Delhi looking lovely.

Did you actually have another non-Dharmendra favorite Deol? Lord help you.

babasko said...

ok. no. what was i thinking. see thats the non native writer here again. lets rephrase:

i finally have a favorite deol (apart from dharmendra of course):abhay

Beth Loves Bollywood said...

Well done! Austria stands strong, her borders undefiled!

babasko said...

phiuuuhhh. that was close. i don´t want to imagine what would have happend without your guidance. bahut bahut shukriya