October 25, 2006

Musafir - now thats my boy

Why do I watch Sanjay Gupta Films? His obsession with color filters really is hurting ones eyes. And, he´s not the most innovative storyteller out there [/sarcasm]. There´s got to be a reason I watched most of his films yet. Ahh right, there´s this one actor who acts in many of his films.

Sanjay, mera FPMEMA. Playing Billo, a real bad-ass of a bhai with a faible for filmi dialogs and sharp sideburns. A little heavy on the gold teeth though but then again all the cool Sanjay traits are there: the walk, the talk, he even gets to sing himself. But he´s not all that finally made me watch Musafir. I also got Anil Kapoor looking very stylish. In fact his most stylish ever (If you dont take Mr. India into account)
And Anil is the main character here. Lucky, a conman who is in serious trouble. His latest conjob went very sour. They stole from Billo, one really mean Bhai and so Lucky sees his crew heavily decimated and since Anil´s girl went running with the money he is not even in a position to negotiate. His last chance is a job that Billo offers. Take a bag down to Goa and bring back another one to Mumbai. Should be easy.

But of course it isn´t. There are some not so nice people down there, like this rather annoying policewala or the husband of Sam, who wants to strike a not so nice deal with Lucky. So a lot of trouble until the final showdown.

After all the romance/drama films of the last weeks I enjoyed watching a movie with lots of bullets and gory fights. Even if the movie sometimes leaned heavily towards a male fantasy GQ video for the female characters (skimpy dressed ladki shampooing the hero´s car anyone?)
P.S.: I really want to be able to play with Billo´s butterfly knife the way he does.


Beth Loves Bollywood said...

Oh geeze, the car. Whatever could that represent? It's almost as bad as the Hera Pheri snake. BAS. But I'm glad you got to enjoy your FPMEMA anyway!

babasko said...

its sooo cheesy. one gets the feeling that you stepped right into a pathetic boys fantasy.....

Aparna said...

I still don't know why I was ok with the movie...I think, probably because it got released with 'Rok sako toh rok lo' and I saw it a day before watching this one :)
To add to the boys' fantasy thing, there were two things that was consistent throughout the movie - the double-meaning dialogues (which I think, all of sanjay gupta's films have nowadays after Kaante) and semi-naked female characters...I mean, I never saw any of the females - Koena or Sameera in anything except modified versions of lingerie!
Anil Kapoor was the lead man, but never before have I seen a lead man with so less impact. On the other hand, Sanjay sure filled up the screen when he was there.