October 19, 2006

Pammal K. Sambandam aka Brahmachary

Its already two weeks ago that Michael and S. from Bollywoodblog.de were in town and curious ladki that I am I invited them over and we had a great evening. Being the perfect guests they not only came with a bottle of red but also with two Telugu DVD´s. Oh I love getting presents. The first one made for a perfect sunday afternoon timepass.

Brahmachary the Telegu dubbed version of Pammal K. Sambandam. With Kamal Hassan, Simran and Sneha.

Kamal is PKS, a stuntman who is dead set against anything concerning shaadi. But then a guy looking and acting like that is not much of shaadi material anyway.

Simran is a doctor who, if not totally being against the institution of marriage has a rather feminist outlook on the roles in a marriage.
Unwillingly on both sides they help a young couple to elope and due to their "good" advice on how to get the upper hand in the new marriage a) get in their way constantly and b) drive the couple so far apart that they separate.
They lovers unite later in the movie but the main focus is of course on Kamal and Simran who can´t stand the sight of each other. Uh-oh looks like we might have two lovebirds in the making here. Duh-uh.

When I read the story outline on the DVD I felt, lets say, a bit uneasy. As it said something along the line of Simran playing a doctor who has to operate Kamal after he has an accident (which was her fault btw) and looses/forgets her wristwatch in his stomach! Autch. So she tries to get him back on the operation table as a) its not that healthy for Kamal and b) her reputation was on the line. Care to share the uneasy feeling?
Well Kamal has no interest in going back to the hospital and so Simran has to resort to acting like she was head over heals in love with PKS to get close enough to him to drug him and drag him back to get the bloody watch out.

At first Kamal of course does not know what hit him but after one or two nicely shot songs Simrans con-job works and she finds herself engaged with all bells and whistles to a deeply in love Kamal.

That the story cannot end here is clear. Simran is not yet really in love with PKS and after the operation is over tells him so, which leads to some dramatic events in the story. Only to find out that she actually is in love now with him, when everything is really going bad for Kamal. So now he´s rather pissed. Oh, its a big mess. And since the movie is a comedy, we get a big, loud, hectic, masala climax.


Anonymous said...

i love it when simran goes fast fooding with her friend in the movie. thats why i like this movie most: my favorite heroine going fast fooding. thats a double-trible-quadro-gaaaaaah :D

Movie Mazaa said...

havent seen this one actually. even as i share ur uneasiness regarding the surgery thing, i should say that we had a real life incident in which a doc had stitched up soemthing not so nice within the patients stomach, a few years back. the film was losely inspired from this this, i guess...


babasko said...

oh the doctor-forgets-stuff-inside-patient thing has happend here before too, no worry ;-) i guess its just since i´m an avid viewer of tv series like E.R. or Greys Anatomy i´m used to a bit more care in the operation theatre LOL