February 18, 2007

Jamai Raja - how to not waste your time

Prospective mothers-in-law be warned. "Whenever mothers-in-law turn extremely cruel, then sons-in-law like...

...me will take birth". (I´m not being pathetic here, that is the movie´s actual last sentence)

Very pigheaded and greedy woman (Hema Malini) with 2 spineless sons and one khoobsurat daughter picked the wrong girls family to be mean at. Girls brother (Anil Kapoor) met the daughter (Madhuri Dixit) before and the had already fallen in love,

and now decides to marry her and teach mommy dearest some of her own medicine. Mom khuch nahin hai. And spends her further existence to fight the guy. Clash of will ensues. No mean means are left out on both sides.

Warfare gets difficult for guy since his wife is plain stupid and tends to stick by mom. But the truth prevails. And as announced by guy, all kids leave mean mom. Still not seeing the light we finally get the long overdue divine intervention and a totally over the top, completely inapplicable climax fight to make mom get a grip on the true values in life at last. Film khatm.

Kya bakvas hai!


PolkaStripes-ZebraDots said...

man, I am not sure whats worse - Mad's leopard print top or Anil Kapoor's gross mustache!

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh! This movie reminds me of everything that was WRONG with Bollywood cinema in the 90's. Avoid yaar, for sure.