March 05, 2007

Bollywoodbloggers. Ready. Set. Go.

Location. Check.
Movie. Check.
Program. Check.
Logo. Check.

Lets roll.

I can´t believe it. A week from now it will all be a pleasant memory. Come saturday, March 10th the Bollywoodblogger Meeting will rock the city.

Here is the final program with all the important infos (here the program in german):

Thanks to Judith and Birgit for the great help and the awesome logo and layout.

So, if you happen to be in Vienna next saturday, be sure to drop in. You just don´t want to miss this.

P.S. Birgit entrusted her Carom board in my care. (She´ll be going to India for 6 months end of march) We´ll set it up at the meeting. And I hereby challenge all of you.

UPDATE 3/9/2007: And they started to arrive... Beth is here since Monday and Michael, Kaddele and Maria just touched down..


Luvbeers said...

Can we wear tikka's and bindi's?

Indianoguy said...

WOW.. That Logo is Amaaaazing..

babasko said...

@indianoguy: thank you, i will tell judith and birgit

@iluvbeers: you can come wearing whatever :D as long as you come :)

Anonymous said...

sind die ersten schon da???? bis morgen :D