March 20, 2007

Jung. Strictly for a pagali like me.

Inspector Veer (Jackie Shroff), pride of the police force, has a real crappy week. Not only does he have issues

with his collegue Khan´s work philosophy ("lets clear the streets by shooting any criminal you can get a hold of. Preferably when they´re already in custody") No, destiny really has it bad for him when his seven year old son is diagnosed with leukemia. A bone-marrow transplant would help, but you guessed right, the little sunshine has to have a rare bloodtype too. And all the beautiful pathetic flashback songs with a happy-pappy family don´t help.

Looking for a donor still brings up only one name. Balli. A mean stone cold 14 time killer, caught by Veer some 4 years ago.

Who obviously has no intention to act as donor. Not even when Veer beats the bejesus out of him. Also the teary pledge of the sons mom doesn´t soften his cold heart (in a very yummi body I might add) until she slips the crucial info in her speech that the donation would happen outside jail in way lower security hosptial.

Guess what. Balli suddenly discovers the humanitarian within him - and of course takes the chance to bhag. Before donating. He has better things to do. Visiting his girl. Doing a little dance. Settle some open scores with a local dishonest don. The usual.

All the while being chased by not only the desperate Veer, who has to catch him alive. But also by Khan, who wants to get him too, dead, if possible.

On the plus side of Jung:

Sanjay. Sanjay in chains. Sanjay in cool gangsta mode. Shilpas attitude in her interrogation. Jackie, at least in parts. Raveenas clothes, mostly.

On the minus side: Minimum 4 songs that just don´t fit. Plus a real bad item number. Sanjay without his real voice. Balli doing the stupid face/off hand thingy all the time. And the general inconsistency due to two different directors.
Thanks to Diwali I now know that Jung ran into serious trouble during its production. Sanjay Guptas differences with the producer ended in his name being pulled off the credits and Sanjay refusing to dub for it. And it shows.
So you´re not a Sanjay pagali like me? Go and find something else to do with you time. Like watching KANK 3 times in a row.


Diwali said...

babasko!!!!! What are you doing with me???? These screenshots - especially the yummy-body-one - help, where are my heart pills?... *faint away*

P.S. Thanks for introducing me - we Sanjupagalis have to team up, haven't we? ;)


Unknown said...

kya baat hai well written amazing bollywood blog i just loved itt and gr88 post but jung an ultra faltoo movie bad direction and worst stale script neways but su vaat che kai changla post hain

Maja said...

Hehe, I have no intention of watching this, but that won't stop me from enjoying the pictures! :D
And btw, are you watching KANK? I think it's on RTL2 at the moment (and for the next 3hrs or so). The TV guide lists it as 20:15 till 23:30, which means they cut out about 20 or 30min of the movie!

babasko said...

hey diwali. a cool blog (@my english-only readers: sorry its in german only) deserves all the promo it can get :D

@protegeoflife: :D thanks for the kind words and thanks for stopping by.

@maja: i did not make it home in time yesterday for KANK we were busy getting drunk on the last night before birgit flew to india..

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised you didn't mention the fact that this film was a 'Frame-by-Frame' copy of Micheal Keaton(dutt) and Andy Garcia's(Shroff) 'desperate Measures'.I'm sure the makers of that film will be turning red somewhere. Of all films 'Desperate Measures'??----this really sucks!

Very entertaining and well-written blog BTW:)

babasko said...

anonymous - thanx you for the compliment and you´re right, i forgot to mention it although it is very true :-) especially in the first part. I am probably so used to the plot/film copying from all other sanjay gupta films that I took it as a given fact, not worth mentioning :-D