July 17, 2006

Aayutha Ezhuthu

My Mani Ratnam collection is growing steadily. This now is the Tamil Version of Yuva. Shot by Ratnam parallel to the Yuva shoot.

Here we have Madhvan playing the character of Inbasekar (Lallan in Yuva played by Abhishek),

Surya Sivakumar (of Ghajini fame) plays Michael (Ajay in Yuva) and Viveiks role was done by "Schnuffel" Siddarth.

Trisha has Kareenas role and Ranis is done by Meera Jasmine. Only Esha Deol was cast for the same character in both films.

The location got changed to Chennai but the storyline is the same, with only some minor details changed. Marco set up a
page with screenshots from both films where you can compare the two.

I really like the story and narration of Aayutha Ezhuthu/Yuva. And the very very cool thrashing on the bridge. Haan, main lanbaa chaudaa action fan hoon.
Which of the films do I prefer? Hmm tough one. If I had to choose I would take Yuva. Om Puri is better as the corrupt politician. I also prefer Rani and Abhi to their counterparts (which by no means will diminish my adoration for Madhavan) or maybe I still take Aayutha Ezhuthu? Because of "Schnuffel" and Trisha?

Aare yaar, its really tough to decide. The Tamil Michael is a more "lets tackle the problems" kind of guy, more physical, very nice. But then again I like Ajay too. Ach, stop. I give up.
My recommendation: watch at least one of them. Or even better, watch both and face the same dilemma as I do. Pretty please?


Anonymous said...

I love your blog! Bahut achcha, bilkul first class! I'm indeed facing that same dilemma, but I figured anything that has Siddyboy in it has to beat anything else that doesn't have him. So it's AE for me even though Yuva really is a close second.

babasko said...

Thank you very much :-)
Yup. Siddy is really tipping the scale in favor of AE. But I´m also a huge Abhishek fan. So I really can´t decide. So the dilemma won´t be solved in the near future for me I fear...

Anonymous said...

there is no decision necessary, cause surya, maddy and siddhu are more than abhi, ajay and vivek are (i think, vivek makes the difference)

youre blogging to less about your tamil experiences, dear babasko :)

babasko said...

sorry michael, but i promise to better myself. infact there´s a tamil post in the making right now :-)

Anonymous said...

thanks :)