July 21, 2006

Maine Pyar Kiya - nice birdie, good birdie

I need to reconsider my dislike for doves. Not that I like them better after watching MPK . Its just that I´m really scared of them now, and I never want one to get pissed at me.
Maine Pyar Kiya is one of the films that patiently waited to be watched by me for quite some time now.
In short, its Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana with a white pigeon, some 80ies trash and Salman. Nuvvo is the Telugu remake, with some (minor) changes in the story. And, thank god, less songs.

Again we have rich boy and poor girl. Blossoming true love. Evil spirited business associates. Boy proving his worth to girls father by working in a quarry. Btw here the boys mom is the good one and dad the stupid bloke, where you ask yourself, how can a person like that become a business tycoon when he, apart from everyone else, can´t see that his closest business partner is rotten to the core?
To find out which one of the two movies I prefer, I also had to rewatch Nuvvo yesterday. Sigh. Pity me. Of course Novvo wins.
But there are some small treasures in MPK that I love. Like this one:

A scene from one of the, not really good and way too numerous, songs. Watch closely. The little red balls are actually apples. Hundreds of apples. Very, very, very naughty!!
The dove. Divine intervention. Very agressive when bad boy tries to kill hero and heroine. (And way to fast to get a decent screenshot of the action)

A nice mud fight. You know by now how much I like cool fights. And this one has lots of rain and mud in it too.

Not to forget.
Maine Pyar Kiya was Salmans second film and his first leading role. Even though we nowadays get to see a lot more muscles, we are already treated to the Salman trademark. (about 10 min after his character appears on screen)


Maja said...

Haha, that is one angry dove! I like the posters on the wall behind Salman, very rock'n'roll ;)

What's the deal with all the apples (I hope it's not a stupid question, remember I'm a newbie!)?

babasko said...

sharing an apple (like Saif and Preity in KHNH) is a symbol that was introduced in early indian films (when there really was a kissing-on-screen ban imposed by the british)as synonym for kissing (and more) *g*

so, hundreds of apples...oh-la-la

Maja said...

Oh I see! *looks at the picture again* Whoa, looks like they had some fun, then ;)

Movie Mazaa said...

we used to have flowers blossoming too, and birdies chirping and rubbing their beaks together. b4 emraan hashmi officially made an appearance, and sent the apples, flowers & birdies packing.


babasko said...

LOL yes those where the times...and then the kisser-king came and ruined everything

Indianoguy said...

Hey, you can use NVNV for nuvvu vastanante nenu voddantana. As you are a proven siddarth's fan ,this might interest you.

babasko said...

*sigh* thanks for that very yummi link indanoguy. has bommarillo started already in india?

Indianoguy said...

Bommarillu is all set to release on 5th of August and i'll be in India around that time, so I'll let you know how it is...

BTW Siddarth has has sung a song in this movie

Anonymous said...

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