July 25, 2006

Contrast Program - Golmaal and Rang De Basanti

Last Sunday we were spoilt for choice. We had 2 once-only shows up for decision. A 14:45 show of Golmaal or a 18:30 show of Rang de Basanti at the other end of the town. So what did we do? Duh! Watch both of course. Left Golmaal when the credits started rolling, jumped into a taxi (a 30$ ride) and arrived just in time for RdB.
Now that was fun. Especially since we could not have watched two more diverse movies. Had I not seen RdB before that I guess I would have skipped Golmaal but since I had and wanted to go only to finally see it on the big screen it was a cool combination. Weird, but cool. And both shows were unique. Golmaal had no subtitles and RdB was a copy that had the Aamir horseriding scene in it.

My Hindi is pretty rudimentary so I was curious as to how much of Gomaal I would understand. Clearly I had the most problems with the word-plays but hey *pads herself on shoulder* I even got some of them. And I had no problems following the plot. Which actually is no big achivement. The film really is, as most reviews stated, a "check your brain at the entrance and enjoy the ride" kind of entertainment. And I thoroughly enjoyed it. Ajay cant dance for his life. Sharman Joshi has incredibly o-shaped legs and that went very well with the mini-skirt he was wearing in one scene. Arshad had some great Circuit dialogue and Thushar Kapoors Uh-Uh-Ah-Ah voicing mute character should have been annoying but was played with such delight that it was really hilarious.
So watching the four good for nothing guys trying to con everybody (including themselves) for money and the girl was cool. Also the storyline with Paresh Rawal as the blind houseowner who is made to believe that his grandson has come for a visit by the four (Ajay does all the talking, Sharman is the body and the other two are just there to confuse the whole thing) was fun. Again, you had to switch your brain to bypass mode otherwise it would have been really bad. But I did just that and had a ball. So much that I will buy the DVD and watch it again (this time with subtitles).

The Rang de Basanti copy was crap. Really worn out, with some very bad cuts in the middle (the whole Lalkaar and ice block sequences was missing which reduced the impact of the following scenes immensely), sound that kept going from mono to stereo to surround. Cracks and even some frames that had something written on it.
But. But it had the original Rang de Basanti song sequence in it. Its really a pity that the
Animal Welfare Board of India used this scene to get some P.R. back at the time for the release of RdB and had it censored. There are some scenes in that version that complemented the song much more beautiful then the one that now is in the final release. And the timing in the song was tighter and plainly better.
But even though it was not as good as it should have been, it still made its impact. The three of our group who had not seen it before, where visibly moved. And I, of course, cried my eyes out. Again.

So, a very cool Bollywood filmi day. If only every Sunday could be like that. Wait. Next Sunday we get to see Sarkar (Abhi and dad and Kay Kay on the big screen. Yay!!) and for the Sunday after an Omkara screening is announced. Bahut Accha. Babasko khuch hoon.

P.S.: Blooger is acting up, so I cant upload any pics. I you still want to see some go to IndiaFM. Here for Gomaal and here for Rang de Basanti.

P.P.S.: I am gone until Sunday again. This time to visit meri nani and meri very pregnant behn. I wont have webaccess down there. But I packed some nice SRK DVDs, Grandma just loves him. There is so no escaping Bollywood. See you all next week.


t-HYPE said...

What's the deal with the horse thing? I saw someone mention that on imbd.com. The version I watched didn't have any horses.

Did they beat them to death or something? What made the occasion so "cruel?"

babasko said...

no, and thats the stupid part, all in all its a 45 second clip, during that punjabi festival. the group are standing watching a traditional horserace and in the last 15 seconds aamir also rides one of the horses (thats the promopic where he sits on the back of a horse with his arms in the air) the AWBoI claimed that the filmmaker did only apply for permission after the shot was taken. they made a big fuss at the time, causeing the release date to be moved for one week...

Katrin said...

That's actually the version in which I first saw RDB. When I watched it I did notice the terrible cuts and some bits didn't really make sense - especially after the Lalkaar-scene which was actually supposed to be in that cut but is missing from that particular copy. Without that part a lot of things that follow seem very badly motivated.
The torture scenes and some other parts that were missing apparently weren't in the cinematic version at all and have just been cut back into the DVD-Version. I much prefer the DVD-version because the plotlines are woven a lot tighter and you get a lot more insight into the characters.
I think the scribbling on the copy might be the code which was supposed to be used in order to figure out which copy pirated DVDs are made from or something like that.

Maja said...

Oh man, maybe I should start spending my Sundays in Vienna!

Have you taken any Hindi lessons, babasko, or do you just know it from the films? I'm always trying to learn new words when I watch a movie, but it's going to be a long time yet before I can watch one without subtitles and be able to follow the story.

Have a nice extended weekend with your family :) We'll miss you!

Movie Mazaa said...

Have a great weekend!

Maja said...

Hey babasko, are you going to this show? Just got a newsletter with this link in it. It sounds like a pretty impressive show!

babasko said...

i had a great time, thanx. lazying in the garden, swimming and lots of food.

@maja: we´re planning on going there and to "bollywood-the show" january next year. its no "heat" or "temptation" but it looks interesting anyway. any plans to join us?

Maja said...

I'd love to, I've driven to Vienna before to go to concerts and it's not that far away, but I don't think it will be possible, I'll be on an exchange in the UK then :( What's Bollywood-the show? I haven't heard of that. I'm hoping to catch The Merchants of Bollywood in the UK at least :)

babasko said...

I don´t know much of "Bollywood - the show" yet. And I can´t find the site where is think i read that its a show choreographed by Vaibhavi Merchant

Anonymous said...

hi, babasko!
found your blog by accident, I`ve just been taking a short look - and I like it! keep it up!
Besides many other questions, I really want to know what does it mean: meri very pregnant behn? I know the meaning of the first 3 words but "behn"? whats that?
did you know that Krrish is shown in Top Kino in Rahlgasse til august 3rd?

babasko said...

hi jlp, welcome!

behn = sister :-) I´m going to be an aunt in little over a month for the first time

and about the topkino dates...guess where I was yesterday? I just didn´t mention it here since that was my 4th time watching it. LOL
do you know that Omkara is going to be shown at the SCN megaplex next sunday? Parwandji announced a 14:45 and a 18:00 screening

Anonymous said...

sure! I`m just going to an indian shop tommorrow and buy the tickets. Since it will be my first time watching a hindimovie in SCN is it better to book a ticket right by Pawandji??? What do you say?
What do you mean? Will be KANK shown in Vienna too??????? I hope so!
behn .. aha!!! So you will be a masi (dont know how to write this word) :-)))
good night
P.S. Glad to found your blog!

babasko said...

we´ll be a group of about 5-7 people and we won´t reserve tickets in advance. so far only the screening of paheli last year was full and then people just sat on the stairs. if you want to join us head over to Marcos bollywood forum at http://511.forum.onetwomax.de/selskin=0
login and go to the "user treffen sich" section and there the "bollywoodstammtisch wien" thread. thats where we arrange our meetings

Anonymous said...

Hi.....I thought it was old Golmaal you watched....anyways....if you havent watched old one...try it.....it is regarded as the best comedy made in the indian film history.