July 20, 2006

Naach - Shake It Baby B.

My sister is one of those fortunate humans who can wear any kind of headcovering device and it looks good on her. Abhishek is not. Dekho naa:

But then he´s not the only one with a wardobe nightmare here. A fitting description for the selection of all the costumes of the song sequences in Naach would be: Bakvas hai. Most ugly ever. Worse than Suriyvanshi. As bad as Rocky.

Dressing people nicely is not one of Ram Gopal Varmas strongest points. Doesn´t matter if its boys or girls, btw.

However who cares? Naach is still one of my favourite RGV and Abhishek movies. And it has Riteish Deshmukh. And Antra Mali. So who cares about clothes. Especially if you get stuff like that with it too. Hai naa?

The storyline offers a kind of behind the scenes look on newcomers in the Mumbai filmindustry and their struggle to get to what they dream of. Abhishek and Antra´s characters have a different approach as how to. The Synopsis on the back of my DVD puts it very nicely:

Abhi is a struggling actor
Rewa is a struggling choreographer.
Abhi is practical.
Rewa is idealistic.
Abhi has ambitions.
Rewa has aspirations.
Abhi wants to make it big.
Rewa wants to make a difference.

One day both meet and at first a professional (Abhi takes dance lessons from Rewa), later (was there any question about it?) a personal relationship ensues. The switch from friends to lovers gave me my favorite love declaration. Ever.


Here´s a transcript and the matching screenshot pics:

Totally soaked from running through the rainy night, they sit down on a bench under a bridge, Abhi looks at Rewa and says, in a casual voice: "I love you"
Rewa turns her head and just looks at him.
Short silence, then:
"I love your eyes, I love your hair, I love your coffee" He raises his voice and the tempo a little "I love you ears, I love your earrings"
Rewa interrupts: "I´m not wearing any"
He smiles impishly and continues: "I know, but if you wore any I´m sure I´d love them"
Rewa gets up, and walks to stand right before Abhi facing him and asks: "And what else?"
He smiles and answers: "I love it that you´re short, I love you because you´re very very boring.
He points to her naval piercing: "I love that, whatever it is"
Another short pause, he gets a bit more serious and says: "I love the way you never smile"
Rewa laughs, walks out into the rain and turns a pirouette


But of course there´s trouble ahead. Their different approach to fame is bound to lead to trouble their relationship. Mainly because Rewa is stupid and pigheaded (but thats just my take on the story). Why? Well, Abhi is the first of the to get work and fame. And Rewa categorically refuses to be helped by him. And they split. Only after meeting a young director (Riteish) she is able to achieve her visions on her own. So now we have a successful Rewa, a young director who has a crush on his choreographer and filmstar Abhi who finds out he still loves Rewa. And they all get to work together on a movie. Haan haan bilkul emotional drama hai.

All that mixed with cool songs (Adnan Sami! Yey!) sometimes very weird set design and - as I mentioned before - terrible costumes.

I Love it.

P.S.: can anyone get me that flat?

P.P.S.: Sorry guys, I know Antra is nice too, but this post turned out to be one for the Ladies *g*


Maja said...

Omg! You weren't lying, that's lecker indeed :p~ Excellent screencaps! I totally need to see this movie asap.

Ah, Abhi ... *daydreams*

Maja said...

Oh PS., I love the jeans and shirt he's wearing in the last picture. Abhi + jeans = yay! (like Hrithik + stubble, lol)

babasko said...

there a lot more yummi shots (interrupted by the weird ones) in naach. *sigh* i think i might have to check into the movie again today :D

Anonymous said...

If you ignore the weird clothes (esp. on Antara who looks like a demented parrot in some scenes ...) the film is really worth watching. Abhi does really nice things with his eyes and his dancing is a lot better than in all of his earlier films. However, the end is rather lame and unexpectedly predictable ;)

Maja said...

I came back to add that I can't pull off ANY kind of headgear either, it makes me look silly. Surely that's another sign that Abhi and I were made for each other - we have so much in common ;)

Hehe, predictable endings - nothing new :)

t-HYPE said...

Oh goodness! That Abhi gets better looking every film...

BTW, how did you get the screenshots to come out so clear?

babasko said...

I like very much that in this movie he is still a little "chubby". I like to have some meat on my men *ggg*

As to the quality of the pics...To be honest, I have no idea. Might be more then one factor. I upgraded to VLC 0.8.5 (for OSX) and the Naach DVD is a genuine disc with a pretty good quality encoded videosignal

Movie Mazaa said...

It was one of the biggest RGV flops ever, but I shud say I loved watching this one. There was soemthing very raw abt the whole movie, that made it truly worth a watch. and one of antara's best performances as well. well.. that was b4 she broke up with RGV.. (sigh)

babasko said...

I think it was a mistake of RGV to release it at Diwali against Veer-Zaara in 2004. Its clearly not a Diwali film. It is a pity because I think it would have deserved a better B.O. run.

Lotus Reads said...

So excited to have discovered your blog and in particular this post! I watched "Naach" just the other day and was about to review it. I started out enjoying the movie but about midway it seemed to lose its sparkle. Reva's moves got predictable and the story got kind of grim. Personally, I think the movie was made RGV to showcase his love at that time, Antara Maali in much the same way he created "Rangeela" for Urmila Matgoankar.

Did you like the music? Strangely enough, I did!

babasko said...

hi lotus reads,

:-) glad you like it here.

i developed a strange liking to "ishq da tadka" and "berang zindagi" although its usually not my kind of music LOL but they are great to work out to...

you could be right about rgv making movies to showcase his woman. i guess thats why he was so unhappy how "james" turned out...