September 18, 2006

Autograph - Past to present

Hmm. Very interesting. This one actually suprised me. Very slow and so quiet it almost made me stop watching at one point. Then I also feared that the ending would be obviously filmi (mostly because I read some comments on Marcos forum about people being actually angry about the end) and I expected the worst.
Funny how sometimes I can´t see any difference in behaviour or thoughts between me and my students or the <18 year olds on the forum and then some small thing like their and my view on that film completely colliding comes up and I am reminded that there is of course a difference in the general view on life whether you´re 16 or 35. I for my part thought the ending was exactly the way its supposed to be. Its a realistic satisfactory end to an grown-up movie.

Senthil is getting married. He heads out on a journey through the south of India and his memories to hand out invitations to people from his past. There are his school friends and his Highschool teacher in rural Tamil Nadu and Kamala, his first love and his first heartbreak. And then Lathika, whom he met and fell in love with
as a student when his father got transferred to Kerala.

We also get to meet Divya his friend in Chennai whose outlook on live and great inner strength showed him a way back into life and happiness after Senthils heart got scarred in Kerala.

Its a story about coming of age and the bonds we make and break on our way. And telling us that its ok to do so.

There is a term used in the English subtitles that I also read in earlier films and that makes me think. "to have had a failure in love" is used to describe a broken heart. Hmm. Interesting.


babasko said...

after initial problems with the pace of the movie, i thoroughly fell in love with it.

ggop said...

Hi Babasko,
I've been meaning to get my hands on this dvd. Thanks for the recommendation.

babasko said...

:-) i´m sure you´ll love it..