September 13, 2006

Short Bluffmaster! update

Kasam se. I honestly didn´t plan to watch it again. Such. I just put it in the DVD drive for the songs, to listen while I was writing my "Lage Raho Munnabhai" post. But the VLC player started with the audio commentary track of Rohan, Riteish and Abhi and I got stuck. So its not my fault!
Anyway. I loved it. Of cause. Again. Is watching a movie more the 15 times obsessive?
The point I wanted to make was that I found out something new for my Buffmaster! Trivia List:

-The 4th DVD on the TV in Dittus room is "Catch Me If You Can". Thats the last one I´m able to decipher. The 5th one is impossible to read.
-And the cinema where Shaan is playing is the Maratha Mandir. Thats the theatre that has been playing DDLJ since1995.

Just wanted to let you know. And find a reason to post another movie still of AB2.0. Magar ab chalo na babasko. Back to your Munnabahi post.


Maja said...

Well, I have to comment on a Bluffmaster post! I love the commentary with Abhi, Riteish and Rohan, so funny! Very considerate of Mr Sippy to have all the DVD extras in English, na :) I just wish there were English subtitles for all the deleted scenes too.

And no I still haven't watched the Making of! I have two to look forward to now that I also bought Kuch Naa Kaho :D

babasko said...

:-) the screencap is just for you

and I really think you should not wait with the making ofs ;-)

Maja said...

*sticks fingers into ears* I'm not listeniiiinnng! ;)

The screencap almost distracted me from commenting. Very nice! I love all the bracelets/bands/stuff he keeps wearing on his wrists, more men should do that.