September 07, 2006

Pyaar Ki Ek Kahani Song DVD - Liveblogging

Totally Basmatic proclaimed this week to be the Bollywood Song DVD Week and just like Beth got inspired to post about one, I decided to give it a try in the form of liveblogging which Maja is so great in.

Here world, I give you: T-series "Pyaar ki Ek Kahani... Full Songs from Latest Films". It has - apart from many more - the videos from Krrish and came out more then a month before the Film was available DVD. And if you remember my (I still claim not totally voluntary) Krrish obsession, you won´t be suprised that I had to have it.

So into the DVD drive it goes and we´ll start.

No, stop. before you start reading: I did have no idea this was going to be such a long post. So be warned, the DVD has 50 songs...

18:12 Oh no, I forgot. Commercials. Hmm T-series is a fullservice company. They offer CD-R´s, DVD-R and stereo systems as well.
18:14 Hah. Only two spots. And here we go. Play All.
18:15 *Sigh* Pyaar Ki Ek Kahani.
18:16 Grrrr. Stop. Phone. *Squee* I won two tickets to a a hip Bollystyle Event Clubbing. Hey dont laugh. Thats something. One ticket is 16 € (20$!!)
18:24 Resume. Btw. I am very proud that I could understand a lot of the lyrics in PKEK without the help of any subtitles and dictionary even before I saw the film.
18:27 Hrithik is the dancing good. Not that I mentioned that fact once or twice before..

18:31 Somebody (TB? tum?) blogged that Hrithiks t-shirts in "Koi Tumsa Nahin" look terrible. That is so NOT true. At least not in comparison to the clothes Priyanka wears. Bas.
18:39 I do love the Krrish songs. Even after 3 months of powerplay. But I can´t have the Remix (as I can´t have most of the Remixes of Hindi Songs) So why don´t I just skip it.
18:40 Ahh Zayed. "Rocky". Eehh Himesh Reshammiya.
18:43 Ohh, blond girls and Himesh and now he´s even in the Video. This is going to be a loooong evening.
18:45 *Squeee* not all is lost. That song is from "Anthony Kaun Hai" and who graces the screen in a few select scenes? Yes, yes, its my FPMEMA and I just had a small glimpse of him. The world is good again.
18:47 "Allah Kare" from "Ahista Ahista". The new Deol is kind of sweet. Has anyone seen the film? Can he act?

18:48 The songs seem to be pretty short. Hai naa? And its the third in a row that has Himesh in the video. I just counted his 11th baseball-cap or so.
18:53 Maybe the "Full Songs from Latest Films" wasn´t a so wise shopping decision after all - "The Killer". Kisser King.
18:56 The songs really are short. And it keeps getting tougher. Himesh again. And Emran. Together. Bangs head on table.
18:58 "Love you unconditionally, soniyeeee". Repeat. Guess who? This is obviously a sneaky and successful try to foist a Himesh DVD on me.
19:00 Ohhhh, Sunil Shetty and Shahid and Kareena. And Himesh. And I don´t care because: Ohhhh, Sunil Shetty and Shahid and Kareena. "Chup Chup Ke".
Kareena and Shahid have been on holiday in Vienna 3 weeks ago. I read about it the day after they moved on to Salzburg. My hometown. Where I have been about a month ago. No comment.
19:05 "My love for you is not a one night stand. Oh jaan I love you, miss you" I think we have an early winner for the Dumb English Lyrics honorlist. "Rocky". And H. Yes, I refuse to type more then H. anymore.
19:08 Finally sparely dressed long leged white chicks. But no snakes so far. And Sanjay again. So its kind of ok.

19:11 Hmm maybe the terribly dressed thing of the RGV factory girls has nothing to do with RGV but with the girls. "The Killer". And Nisha Kothari is wearing the hand-me-downs of Antara Mali from "Naach".
19:14 Arghh I hate this song. "Diya DiLLLLLL Dil Diya".
19:16 Arshad Warsi in a love song. Somehow I just can´t see Circuit romancing a girl in an exotic location.
19:19 Oh come on. "Ahista" (Remix). That means H. on a stage. Sort of liveish.
19:20 Maaf kijie lekin. Skip.
19:21 "Would you be my babydoll? If you be my bad boy". Uhm. But. But its from "Pyaar ke side effects" and that means Rahul Bose. So, main naraaz nahin hoon.
19:26 Shahid is sweet. So sweet that I might be tempted to watch Chup Chup Ke.
19:27 Ohhh, I know this one. One from the movie with one of the worst screenplays in cinematic history: "Kyon Ki". But a very nice Salman. That song is shot in Romania. And thats really exotic.
19:32 I don´t want to jinx it. But we seem to have left the H. universe. "Mujhse Shaadi Karogi". And this very questionable pic.

19:36 Ok folks, now we have the official confirmation. This is a good Song DVD. "Tumse Milke Dil Ka". *sigh*
19:42 I´m so happy I can even tolerate H. and Emran. Rain. Pastels. College function. "Mere Jaawan Mit Jaawan".
19:45 Still no snakes. But more rain. "Laga Laga". Sush and Salman dancing on a very "realistic" backstreet. "Maine Pyaar Kyon Kiya".

19:52 Ok Bollywood, one suggestion. Dont. Ever. Write. Waltzes. And if, at least dont use the demo preset sounds form an old Casio keyboard. No. Just don´t.
I think I won´t watch "Chup Chup Ke" after all.
19:54 The white sparely dressed chicks are back. "Aryan". And a mini Salman (Sohail) and the mini Aish (Sneha Ullal). Hehe.
20:01 Another Remix. This time from "Aksar". "Soniye". And I repeat my sentiments about Remixes: Uaghh!
20:04 The Casio keyboard from "Chup Chup Ke" is back. And it is featured in the Video and its actually from Suzuki (?!) They really should stick to making bikes and cars.
20:06 Uihhh, nice. "Tune Sath Jo Mera Chhooda". "Tere Naam". One of my favorite Salman Films. No. I don´t mind the hairstyle.
20:10 Uihhh, nicer. "Chalein Jaise Hawain". Sorry have to get up and dance a little.
20:15 Now this is bad. Remember the Gypsie Kings? And their "My Way" cover song? Thats the Hindi version of it. "Tell me is this love?" Thank god its only a Promo for "Pyaar Ke Side Effects" Its over before it really hurts.
20:17 SRK. "Swades". "Yun Hi Chala Chal". Well, we know that. And we like it. One of the first songs I could sing along in its entirety.

20:38 Some more forgetable H. stuff. But now. "Dus". AB 2.0. FINALLY. And it doesn´t hurt that we have FPMEMA in it too. "Chham Se".
20:44 "Tere Naam" again. 10 more Songs to go.
20:49 Turn up volume. Short argument with husband. He relents. Back to veeeeeery hot FPMEMA. "Ishq Samandar". "Kaante". L.A. Strip Club. Bad-ass Sanjay. And the voice of Sunidhi Chauhan. Oh I love that song.

21:03 "Jaane Kyun". DCH. Aamir and Preity. I´ve really been missing them. And there are so many of the places in Sydney that I´ve been to in that Video. Been there before I saw the Film. Of cause. Grrr.
21:07 After another bit of H. now "Lucky Lips". From "Lucky - no time for love". A very questionable entry. "Teenage" girls in schooluniforms. One of them is the itemgirl from the first Munnabhai. All doing the sexy dance thing. And on top the Voice of Asha Bhosle. Nah just not working me. But I guess the male audience won´t mind.

21:12 H. again. And in the Video after a long time. Hmm I did not really miss him. But strange I sort of developed a lets call it tolerance for the lack of a more fitting description

21:17 Three to go. "Phir Baat Kati". The stringpuppet song from "Paheli". Is such a sweet idea. Arghh if they just had not messed up the climax of the movie.
21:20 OK. I might just give up before the last song is over. The sound has been terrible for the last 4 songs. Distorted. And even if the black and white theme of "Gustakh Dil" looks sweet and 60ish. And we get treated to Shahid one more time, I have to skip to the last song.
21:23 And what is the last song? Drumroll please...."Humko Deewana Kar Gaye". LOL. Sorry Beth. 50 songs and not even a glimpse of Akshaye.


Anonymous said...

Wow, 3+ hours of music clips. I like Hindi music but I doubt I could sit through such a long time just watching songs. But I enjoyed reading about it. One question - FPMEMA – you lost me there. I know the FPMBF and the FPMFIL from Beths Blog but this is new to me, it is still early in the morning and I haven’t had my coffee yet so please help.  F- fake, P- pretend, M- movie, E… ?, M….?, A….?

Rant mod on/
I heat this short forms of movie titles. When it ends up being a title on its own like KANK - its ok. But when someone writes - I saw HDAPH yesterday and it was….. I go huuu??? Lets see if I can salve the puzzle. D could be Dil or Deewane, P most likely Pyar, H Hum maybe? By then I give up and hope the synopsis gives me some clues. ;)
Rant mod off/

Something else - For all you Shashi-Fans out there, watch Mukti its so *sigh* sweet.

Have Fun

Anonymous said...

Upss, as I said - still early and my English writing skills are not that good. Off course I hate not heat short form movie titles. :)

Have Fun

Beth Loves Bollywood said...

I have so many things to say here, and I haven't seen most of what Babasko is talking about! First of all, Ezri and others, I am beyond delighted that FPMBF has caught on, as is my friend who first came up with the kernel term "fake-pretend."
18:16 I am so not cool enough to go to a European club, but that sounds really fun and you'd better take pictures.
18:24 Behold the Hindi fu of Babasko! Rock on!
18:27 With you on Hrithik. He rocks.
18:40 I kinda like Zayed, but I've only seen him in Main Hoon Na. So that's not fair. But he's great in that.
19:16 Neither can I. Although, based on my live-and-in-person chat with him, he is very well-spoken and polite, and that kind of thing has been known to work on me, at least (aside to Akshaye: this is before you, baby, so don't you worry), so maybe he can pull it off.
19:32 This is a horrible picturization and it hurt my eyes. It's pervy and painful. And I believe there is a line in there about something swelling under her blouse, or her blouse being about to burst, or something like that. I remember going "WOAH" at the time. This was my first Akshay Kumar movie. Later I read that he and Priyanka are rumored to have had an affair; frankly I don't see how they could have avoided it, after shooting this song. It's dirrrrty (for Bollywood, anyway).
20:10 Chale Jaise Hawein is one of my very most favorites. Lurve it. I dance to it too.
20:49 I just love that you describe Sanjay Dutt as "veeeeeery hot" - it's one of the things that makes you special.
21:07 So help me, I kinda like the "Lucky Lips" song. It's completely absurd - for example, aren't they wearing leg warmers? - but it's dang catchy. We tried to watch the video of it on our bus aroudn Ahmedabad this summer but the thing kept freezing and skipping, so now I think of that song as being a string of five-second clips, lurch lurch lurch.
21:23 V bad re: Akshaye. Sigh.

babasko said...

@ezri: no big thing LOL its simply since I´m married I can´t have the plain ol´boyfriend so its the FPM E-extra M-marital A-affair. Hey we´re post-KANK its ok now....

@beth: *pout* He is hot in Kaante. I am not weird. Be careful who you make fun of. My FPMEMA is way taller then your FPMBF. Sorry. Shanti. No morningtea as of yet and already tons of chores done.

I just talked to your Dad. If everything stays quiet on the sis/baby front, we´ll meet them for dinner tonight. :-)

babasko said...

i did not want to incriminate you with such infamities , and now that i think of it it might have been t.hype... lala la...

Maja said...

Yay liveblogging! *clicks DVD link* oh man, I wish they'd stop confusing me with these spelling variations - Swadesh and Ye Tara? When did the H from Yeh escape to the end of Swades?

Yay, congratulations on winning the tickets, when is the event? We're waiting for pictures, of course.

I don't like Himesh either! *high fives*
What's the waltz thing from Chup Chup Ke? It sounds awful - I have to hear it!

Oh, Beth, I saw Zayed in Dus and he was kinda annoying there. That movie has one of the awesomest openings, but then it's all downhill from there. Down a very steep hill with no brakes. I didn't even realize Zayed was in MHN (or that he's your FPEMA, babasko), I guess I'll have to give him another chance!

Beth Loves Bollywood said...

Hee-hee, hee-hee, the idea of people's FPMBFs getting into fights is hilarious. Yes, your FPMBF could totally take mine. Yours could take about anybody, I imagine. Apparently mine can hold his own against Sunil Shetty, though, which is not nothing. But mine is also a notorious no-show; where was he when I was being groped by teenagers in Varanasi? Nowhere to be found, that's where!

Am totally amused by you having dinner with my parents. Hope they didn't talk your ear off! Those professors tend to be long-winded....

babasko said...

@maja: oh no no no, you´ve got it all wrong. FPMEMA is Sanjay. Zayed...who cares about Zayed

@Beth: I had a blast with you parents.

@all: My Brother in law just called, my sister baby is on the way, so i´m off to Salzburg for until at least tomorrow night...

Maja said...

Oooh that makes more sense ... sorry lol I wasn't thinking clearly last night.

BABIES!!! Congratulations and best wishes to your sister and brother-in-law, and to you of course :))

DC said...

Love this post! Just added a few more movies to my must see list...

babasko said...

Its a boy! Sebastian :-)
mother and child are fine. aunty (main mausi hoon, hai naa?) tired but happy