September 19, 2006

Yeh Hai India - Indian Film Week in Vienna

Starting this Thursday the Indian Film Week in Viennas Filmcasino hosts a week of "classic-ish" Indian movies. We´ll get Parineeta, Mohabbatein, Rang de Basanti, Bombay and Kannathil Muthamittal. Then with Mitryudand, 22nd June 1897 and Ram Teri Ganga Maili some not so well known movies. And last but not least big "classics" in the form of Guide, Mr. India and Sholay.

I want to catch as many films as possible on the big screen. And that makes for a busy week for me. I´m struggling to fit my work schedule around the showtimes which is not easy at the moment. But so far I think I can make it to at least the "classics" and the off-mainstream ones. Btw. I´m very curious about Mr India. I had it at home on DVD for quite some time but still left it unwatched as I got to know it would be played a while back and I decided to watch it on the big screen first.


babasko said...

beer rating. very cool. the bestest in the world according to male entities surrounding me.

ggop said...

Hi there,
Hopped over from Beth's blog. My name is Gayatri - GG for short.

Mr. India was very cool - but I watched it when I was in 10th grade so I don't know if I can find it that cool now. Its like how a whole generation found Star Wars cool once upon a time :-)

Why are they inflicting Mohabbatein on you poor Viennese people?! My friends told me never to watch it without a remote to fast forward silly scenes.

Kannathil Muthamittal is poignant, the others like Guide, Sholay are deemed classics.

babasko said...

hi gg. welcome.

yes i feel the same way about that film. i just cant have srk on that violin..

in the beginning they planned to show devdas and fanaa instead of parineeta and mohabbatein but there is a huge distribution rights problem going on with this two film in germany/austria. so we have to make do with the "leftovers"..

Anonymous said...


Hopped over from Beth's blog....

RUN, RUN FAR AWAY, from Mohabattein! I wound up watching up one day because a younger cousin dragooned me into it...and as much as I am a SRK fan, the movie was just OW! Ew-day...all over...just eww...

Mr.India - I know I found it pretty ridiculous when it came out, but I saw it again on one of the TV channels, and while still crazy, it is kind of fun as well.
But it does have Anil Kapoor in funny hats :-)

Bombay - very heartwrenching movie. Should be watched at least once, but I have never been able to watch it again. I can't even watch the songs on random song DVDs since I know the context, and it upsets me. Is this the Hindi version or the original Tamil version? I found the Hindi version too distracting, as it was dubbed, and the lip movements don't match - watched the Tamil version finally.

Kannathil Muthamittal - LOVE of my favourites of Mani's movies.

Guide - love the movie and the music. Waheeda is one of my favourites...Sholay, not so much, but it has reached cult status, so you probably should watch it.

Bitterlemons from Bollywhat.

babasko said...

hi Bitterlemons. Welcome.

thanks for the mohabbatein warning but unforunatly it came way to late. I suffered through it quite a while ago LOL

I second your liking Kannathil. I LOVE it too.

Bombay is one movie I shyed away from until now because I know it will be heartwrenching. But I´ll take along some friends and we´ll hold hands, so I think I´m going to be fine on Saturday...

ad Guide, I´m very curious about that one too. And I´m really looking foreward to Sholay. Well I love Sholay. The "italo Western" thing is exactly the kind of movies I grew up watching with my dad.

Maja said...

Haha, trying to fit your work schedule around the showtimes, that's exactly what I'd be doing too.
I reeeeally wanna see Parineeta, and wow, Sholay on the big screen, that'll be great!

I liked the violin in Mohabbatein *blushes* And the SRK-AB scenes. The rest could all have been cut out.

babasko said...

:-) you´re right not all of mohabbatein is bad. the the SRK/AB1.0 scenes are cool.

but the violin part. sorry nope. the part of me thats being the elitist austrian classical music history teacher just can´t handle it. sorry ;-)