September 02, 2006

Chandramukhi - Snake On A Chandelier

Do not show this one to a Bollywood sceptic. Smug western filmfans tend to raise their eyebrows the SRK way if the credits do this:

and probably run if the not so young hero, steps out of his Skoda Octavia, pops a chewing gum and then does this:

The enlightened filmi fan on the other hand starts to whistle and yell in admiration when Superstar Rajnikanth makes his entry kicking the bad guys and defying gravity. Well I did at least. The first (and so far only) movie with Rajnikanth that I saw was Geraftar and that was a very cool. So it was high time for an update on the Superstar´s filmography. And to make this one count I choose Chandramukhi to give indian scary-movies another chance in the same try. (Kaal. Fail. Next please.)
Oh and this one really delivers. Simply because it does everything that a Rajnikanth movie usually needs. Fight scenes defying gravity. "Superstar" references. Underwhelming dance sequences by the hero. Some chilly moments like:

And Drama. Funny wigs. All characters bowing to Rajni´s wisdom. Jokes (in part funny, mostly lame). So from that side its perfect masala fair with wonderfully over-the-top stunts.

Oh you need a story too? No problem this one here works wonderfully:
Due to a work assignment newly wed couple moves to village. There husband buys house that is said to be haunted by ghost of murdered dancer. Her ashes (and so her spirit) are supposed to be locked up in a room on the top floor of the house.

But the modern enlightened couple does not believe the rumours and nosy wife enters forbidden room. Soon after strange things start happening in the house. Noises. Music. And the tricky part. It looks like somebody/something is trying to kill husband. So it is very convenient that very good friend and famous psychiatrist Rajnikanth is only a phone call away and now sets out to find what led dancer to end up in locked up room. And stop poor husband from being targeted. And unite family being at odds and make everybody happy and find enough time to getting his own girl.

and, and, and. Its. Just. So. Cool.


babasko said...

i borrowed the dvd to a friend and i now wish i didn´t because i miss it already :-)

Maja said...

Oh, this one looks awesome :D It only took the superstar credits picture and I was convinced. *adds to list*

babasko said...

it really is a must see. its so much fun. i need to stock up on more Rajnikanth movies. Any suggestiona anyone?

Indianoguy said...

Here goes the list
Dalapathi(My favourite directed by Mani Ratnam)

BTW,He is quite famous in Japan. Some of his movies were dubbed into Japanese.

babasko said...

oh, there is a Rajni and Mani film :-)
and I think I read about Padayappa somewhere.

thanx indanoguy :-)

Movie Mazaa said...


Do try and see if u can get a copy of Manichitrathaazhu in Malayalam which is the oroginal film from which Chandramukhi and a host of other films in different languages have been adapted. Manichitrathazhu fetched Shobhana the National Award for Best Actress, a role which in my opinion, Jyotika made a mess of. I guess u wud see the difference when u see Shobhana in action!!


babasko said...

thanx velu. i knew it was a remake, but didn´t know if it was any good. hmm malayalam movies are pretty hard to get here, but being blessed with a powershopping gene I have no doubt I will find one ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yeh! The Great Tamil Superstar Rajnikanth in the House!
Johan Manschot
:: Behind the Scenes of Hindi Cinema ::
A visual journey through the heart of Bollywood

babasko said...

hi johan!

i cant wait to order your book. its looks great.

thanx for stopping by

Unknown said...

I could not still understand what does the "Snake" signify in the movie ? Does it have some link to the legend of Chandramukhi or her curse ?