March 10, 2007

Bollywoodbloggers: Main Hoon Naa. Liveblogging

Everybody is set up with their own or borrowed laptops. Well fed from the walk to the Naschmarkt and ready for action.

14:18 And we´re rolling.

And there we have Naseeruddin. "Are you in charge here? - Yes. - Not anymore."
Oh and I genuinely dislike the TV show host.

14:22 I so had a crush on Kabir Bedi when he played Sandokan in the 70ies (?).

14:24 Yesss. Finally someone shot the annoying TV show host. The Blogger crowd is cheering.

14:26 "General, nobody is going to help you now."

Ghalad. Raghvan. Ghalad. SRK hai naa...

14:27 Damn you, Raghavan. Damn you!!

14:29 Oh I love how the crowd reacts.

14:34 Oh pulleeeaaase. Khirron. It was a mistake. How is the boy to blame. Oh get over it !!!!!

14:40 SONG!! I luurve the continous shot.

Hectic blogging everywhere. And tons of comments. Cheers for every actor.

14:57 Childhood trauma: "Please refrain from hanging out with us. You´re not cool enough."

How rude!

15:06 Isn´t it a shame how slow the computer equipment in this college is?

15:09 Ram to the rescue. The crowd goes wild.

15:10 Main Hoon Na. Finally. Sigh. Cheer.

I´m starting to lag behind. It´s so much fun to read the other blogs and watch the film and sing and whistle.

But there is no dancing yet. At least it seems that at 5 people are able to whistle the Main Hoon Naa chorus.

15:22 Sush is about to show up.. The crowd "uuuuhhhhhs. aaahhhs" and there are "Sing Ram Sing" chants.

15:27 The crowd goes wild at the bullet-time spitting scene.

15:28 I love how the Gabbar Singh poster is mirrored in the cars window... Great job Farah!
Those bicycle-rikshas are pretty fast. Hain Naa?

15:33 Well, bad luck Raghavan. "General Bakshi sent his "bloody best"!

15:38 And there we have it. The waterfall scene. No collective sigh? Is the male audience dead? tsts


How superwow. Koi, our professor in residence, brought his violin and played "Main Hoon Na" during Interval. Wah! Wah! Sunniye!!

16:10 And we´re back in College. Pyaar hota hai.

Btw. Michael has sound and video bytes. Birgit too. Live from Vienna.

16:13 Lucky is such a jerk.

16:15 Tumse Milke. Gotcha Lucky! Hah. Marco sings. Ulli bhi. Me too :-D

16:27 Poor, poor, sweet, heartbroken, fatherless Lucky. "Do you care, do you love me, do you hate me? Anything. Anything." Damn I´m out of tissues.

16:30 Can you imagine anything more gross then being wooed by Prof. Rasai? Even if it´s just on the phone?

16:39 Aren´t our boys cute in their black suits, getting ready for sports day prom night?

16:45 Ahhh, the laser pointer thingy bandhuk. Nice, Ram can be pretty cold.
"Sorry about the Sari Ma´am"!

16:50 Wohooo. "Happy teacher´s day"

16:52 Uuh-oh. I see drama coming. And tears. Curse you Raghavan.

17:01 Uuh-oh. Again. Somethings off. No kids in the school yard..

17:02 "Project Milap is finished, General Saab" I knew it! I mean I of course really already knew it, but you know I knew it even when I didn´t know it.

17:08 That little white lock of Raghvan is making me crazy. Good crazy. Pity that he such a despiseable looser.

17:11 Ok, something that always bothered me. Is Khan such a bad shot or why else the first shot in the arm?

17:14 "You are a very bad man"! Oh Boman *shakes head in sorrow"

17:16 What kind of bad-ass terrorist is Raghavan? Can´t even look the traitor in the eye while shooting Khan. Wimp.

17:18 "Paanch minutes, Ram" hehe. Climax time.

17:22 Typical bad boy mistake. Don´t talk. Shoot. Bah.

"Damn it, turn around" Three, two, one. Bhoooom. Huge cheers in the room.

"Just shut up and pull me up. Ahhhhhhuuuuhhhhaaaaahuuuu.Woooohooooooo. Aur phir. Wooohhhoooooooo.


The bestest end-credits ever.

That was just too much fun. I´m voting for doing it all over again next week :D

PS: and here´s the flickr set of my pics from the Live Blogging. All Pics taken from everybody can be found in this blogger group.


Beth Loves Bollywood said...

This is definitely the best way to watch Bollywood. You, my dear, are a genius!

Anonymous said...

I yet have to decide whether it is more entertaining to watch the film or to just ignore it and read babaskos notes :)

babasko said...

:-D i´m having a ball here...

Beth Loves Bollywood said...

I agree with Marco, it's a toss-up. I am having a blast watching people reading each other's comments - like we are all passing notes in school, v naughty!

Angela G. Skylar said...

he he, great liveblogging session, i wish I was there! You all seem to be having a great time! I actually liveblogged to "Main Hoon Na" on my own blog recently. It's definitely a good choice for liveblogging because there's so much to comment on!