June 12, 2006

Send in your requests

I just updated my filmlist and saw the huge amount of movies I already watched and have not reviewed yet. The plan is still on to write one for each of them but since the list is ever growing that might take a while. A long while. Looong while.
So feel free to post any requests for reviews from movies of said list. And you not only will get my incredibly clever and witty (yeah right) take on them, you will also help me decide which ones I should write about.


michael said...

nice list. but i know what you mean, i've not written as much reviews as i wanted to...

ezri said...

How about one of your all time favorti Mere Jeevan Saathi *grin*
Simply because I love good and witty reviews about real bad movies.

Have Fun

babasko said...

oh my, I was really thinking about excluding this film from the list :-)
but then I filed it under slapstick/comedy

Maja said...

Oh man, that is one long list! Maybe you could review Sholay, I'm very curious about it ... And Black? Haha oh and how about One 2 Ka 4? I saw it on RTL2 and loved it, even though I probably shouldn't ... but come on, SRK! And the I'm Sorry song, how could I resist?

I think Dil Ka Rishta is on RTL2 this Friday, is that any good?

babasko said...

sholay..hmmm its been almost 2 months since I last saw it. yup. its time to rewatch it.

and dil ka rishta? its quite some time since i watched that, it was one of my first movies. lets say its ok. and arjun rampal is yummi. I like his voice (in hindi). its very deep, very manly *g*

kage said...

wow.. hey thanks for your comments... i just read a few of your blogs and i have to say wow again... i'm impressed! i had no idead bollywood had such a cult following :)

kage said...

here are a couple of my favorites:

Ab tak chappan (56 so far)
Lakshya (Goal)
Hera Pheri (shady dealings)
Swades (One's own country / homeland)
Rang de Basanti

babasko said...

hi kage, thanx for commenting back ;-) and thanx for the compliment and thanx for the list.

i love lakshya. swades and rang de basanti are on my toplist as well. hera pheri is on top of my wishlist. never heard of ab tak chappan, but it has nana so its going straight to the wishlist. :-)

Beth said...

Dil Ka Rishta must be avoided at all costs yaar! Very very bad! Arjun Rampal could easily be replaced by a log and no one would notice (as long as it was a manly log, that is). There is one cool song with cowboy hats, though.

Maja said...

Well, since my internet connection died on Thursday, I missed the "avoid yaar!" warning and I would've watched the movie - except that my satellite TV receiver died as well! Gah! So I am still Dil-Ka-Rishta-less, but I shall try to find the cowboy hat song on YouTube right now. There's nothing like a cowboy hat to make my day!