June 18, 2006

Thats what I call a Bollywood style Birthday

Now that I´m real old I finally got a cool bollywoodish birthday.
Yesterday was another of the Viennese Bollywood Clubbings and the girls decided that we need to do a warm-up gig in my apartment, consiting of listening to the KANK and Fanaa soundtracks, slobbering over Nuvvostanante and the likes and being served frozen strawberry daiquiries by my husband.
So we were in a lets call it slightly enhanced state of mind when we went to watch the screening of Bunti Aur Babli. Its fun to watch a movie on the big screen when you can lip sync the whole thing.

After the movie the first cool surprise: Boomer, mera acchaa dost, cut short his vacation and drove all the way back just for me (haan haan, he said he only came home early because of trouble with his boat bla, bla, bla, magar I know the truth).
Then at midnight came the kicker. I´ve got my "Karishma happy birthday" moment when the DJ stopped the music and the crowd started to sing "Happy Birthday". Very off-key. Very cool. Very embarrassing.
And to top that we did the bole chudiyan dancing thingy again. This time rather late at 1.30 a.m. in an increased enhanced state of mind. Bahut masti ti. Somehow the left/right coordination seems to suffer first after midnight. Btw. it was the first time husband saw us in action. He really should consider a career change into acting or top level diplomacy.
So and now in true Nuvvostanante tradition I shall move my butt and start preparing my own birthday dinner for tonights guests.


Anonymous said...

happy birthday :)
better late than never ;)

babasko said...

as long as you don´t start to sing "the" song, you´re never late :-D

Maja said...

Yay best celebration ever! And a special Yay! just for B&B :D
Happy birthday :)

Beth Loves Bollywood said...

First, happiest of birthdays dear Babasko!
Second, that does indeed sound like a superewow celebration! I was with you in spirit.

babasko said...

Oh thats why they sang LOL

thank you, I´m not big in celebrating my own birthdays but this one was really cool