July 20, 2006

Humko Deewana Kar Gaye - old school

Akshaye Kumar has eki chotii problem.

He is engaged to beautiful sucessful fashion designer Bipasha Basu. And he just got a cool promotion at work.

Noooo, thats not the problem. The thing is, he has to go to Canada for some months. Still no problem. Bips has some work in Paris anyway, while he´s away.
Magar, soon after his arrival he meets Katrina Kaif.

And here is where the trouble starts because:

  1. Destiny seems to throw them together whenever possible.
  2. The two seem to be made for each other.
  3. Katrina is engaged too.
  4. They are attracted to each other.
  5. The fiance is Anil Kapoor.
  6. With a newer version of his early 90ies hairstyle (but at least the same amount of hairspray).
  7. He´s clearly not the kind of fiance to mess with

So, we´re right in the middle of the 1990ies Bollywood trademark love quartett. But its well executed. Colorful, lots of coincidences, "funny sidekicks", even some fake beards show up. A pleasant timepass. Watching it you feel almost nostagic.

PS: Big pluspoints for a special appearance by the incomparable, wonderful, irresistible Helen


Maja said...

Wow, Bipasha is beautiful. Bah, all these gorgeous girls with their dark wavy hair, I wish my hair was like that!

How was Katrina? And her Hindi? I heard some negative reviews about her ...

Movie Mazaa said...

Oh Gawd!! that was one big yawn, wasnt it?? :(
despite being a loyal Akki fan, I cudnt sit thru it. And unlike Maja, I cant stand Bipasha. :(

as for katrina, she loooks beautiful. thats it. nothing more. :)

babasko said...

We´ve yet to hear Katrinas Hindi in a movie. So far she has been dubbed in all her movies *g*

@velu: I went into that movie with such little expectations, that I actually could enjoy its good moments. And Akki was really nice to look at *g*

babasko said...

and she even does some dance moves...