July 31, 2006

Sarkar - Oh those Eyes!

Yesterday evening the last of the four "Sommer-Kino" Bollywood films got screened in Viennas´s Filmcasino. Sarkar. I haven´t seen this one since last fall, where I actually liked it. Judging from yesterdays screening I can´t remember why.

Sure, you have Abhishek looking hot and menacing, which in itself can count as a very legitimate reason to watch a movie. And Daddy is cool too. In fact the whole male cast was great. The females roles though were forgetable. If you do a movie that is supposed to be a hommage to the Godfather then you should not only concentrate on formalities like lightening or tempo. You need to get the essence of the characters, capture the soul of a story otherwise your movie will be sterile. And thats what is wrong with Sarkar.

I get more and more disappointed with RGV films. At the moment I only really like Company and Naach. I remember that in the beginning I was impressed with his way of storytelling and his visuals but lately I have got the feeling that he is only repeating himself, actually for quite some time now. And his backstabbing of other artists like the director of James or even SRK is declassifying. I mean being self-confindent is important but you should treat very carefully if your own products are not genuine or your films and film ideas are not executed with the necessary care.
So I´m more then worried about his plans to remake Sholay.

Oh, and if anyone ever dares to say Govinda, Govinda to me, I´ll slap him


Movie Mazaa said...

I have to agree with u that this was one poor take-off on the GFather. I remember having fallen asleep a couple of times, before I was evenually able to finish it off!


Maja said...

Govinda, Gov- *cough* ;)

Oh dear, I haven't seen Godfather (shocking, I know!), but I still want to see Sarkar despite this post ... You shouldn't have mentioned the hot and menacing bit, maybe I could resist it then!

babasko said...

I will so get back at you after you watched Sarkar. Govinda Govinda Govindaaaa

babasko said...

The Govinda-Govinda Mantra in Sarkar does not make too much sense for me.
My knowledge of Hinduism is very limited but as far as I get it: Govinda is an alternate name for Lord Krishna which can be translated into somthing like "one who gives pleasure to the senses of his devotees" or "one who gives power to the world by permeating it"....

please correct me if i´m wrong

babasko said...

well, written "sarkaar" my dictionary translates it plainly into "government"
and thats also how its translated in the subtitles when used in dialog

Maja said...

IMDb has this in the Trivia section:

The term "Sarkar" (pronounced "sur-kaar") is a title, used in Hindi, to address someone of authority. It is also the Hindi word for government.

Anonymous said...

your opinion about ramu is right. he sells himself really good, telling about his movie techniques beeing the best in bollywood and such blabla. but one fact is: there are neither super duper hits nor really good new actors and actresses nor any really impressing ways of filmmaking in his recent movies.

Beth Loves Bollywood said...

I too was completely underwhelmed by this movie, partly because it has very little that I look to Bollywood for, so why even bother? I plan to rewatch it soon as a copy has come into my posession, and I think I'll probably enjoy the acting of the Sonny/Fredo hybrid character a lot more. I was largley new to Abhishek when I saw this too, so I suspect my new appreciation for him will help. But yeah, it's a half-hearted Godfatheresque thing, and I'm with you on the "Govinda." If I were mob royalty (and I might be, I'm not sayin'), that is not the actor I would try to conjure up in times of stress. More like "Sanjay Sanjay Sanjaaaaaay."