September 03, 2006

Get genuine DVDs - watch Making Ofs

Watching movies is a fullservice timepass for me. Months before their cinema release I hype myself into a frenzy (more on that here). Then I´ll try to watch any indian movie that is played in cinemas here and/or desperately wait for (international) DVD releases. Why? Well, apart from loving the features themselves I´m a sucker for Behind The Scenes featurettes. Just can´t get enough of them. After I watch a film I want background info about it. The more the better. That is one of the reasons why I don´t rent and very very very rarely buy non genuine DVDs (and feel bad about it).

Last week Krrish, Omkara and Golmaal arrived. Aur babasko bahut khuchi thi.

So what did we learn this time? t.hype. your FPMBF is totally crazy. Cute, but bilkul pagal. There is footage from his wushu training in Honkong to prepare him for the stunts in Krrish. The guy is nuts. His workout routine is inhuman.

Btw. this here seems to be moment right before the wire snapped and Hrithik took "the fall" as he is referring to it.

Oh and the director of the "making of the music" and/or the Roshans like Joe Satriani. "Surfing with the Alien" is playing as background music during the interviews. Bahut accha.

Omkara on the other hand does not offer too much new info. Some of the making ofs where already part of the Promos that came out before the movies release. But its nice to see them fullscreen.
And there is also the video to the remixed version of the Omkara title track. Don´t like the Remix but the video has some nice eye-candy, err, I mean visuals...

And this:

Read the lyrics before you watch it or it makes no sense at all.

Talking about not making sense. One thing that hinders a complete understanding is that on international DVDs the special features never come with subtitles. No problem as long as they stick to talking English. But I take the other times as Hindi lessons.

The coolest "Making ofs" I saw so far are from the two Rohan Sippy films "Kuch Naa Kaho" and "Bluffmaster!". Really funny commentary tracks and commented deleted scenes and the best part: AB 2.0 fooling around. Fantastic stuff. Highly recommended. Very.

PS: If you plan to get married this year. The only auspicious date left is December 13th during the night...that at least is what the little calender says courtesy of that came with my Krrish DVD


Beth Loves Bollywood said...

The fact that the first things I wanted to say in response to this were
1) Hrithik? Swoon!
2) Ajay? Swoon!
(even though they both are FPMBFs of some of my Bollly gal pals) indicate what kind of mushy mood I apparently am in.

The relevant point - yes, I have one - is that I love the bloopers on DVDs. I don't know why. Somehow it strikes me that bloopers are often marketed to appeal to the lowest common denominator in all of us, but I love them anyway. Thankfully Maja has already admitted to liking them too, or at least Saif's, so that makes me less ashamed.

Anonymous said...

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Maja said...

Oh, I like all bloopers, not just Saif's (although Saif's fooling around during the end credits of Salaam Namaste was particularly entertaining!). And Making ofs and all those things. I'm probably every DVD marketer's dream - if I can choose between a cheap 1DVD or expensive 2DVD box with extra features on the second disc, I'll buy the 2DVD one every time. Even though half of the extra features are super-pointless sometimes, like 3 different versions of the trailer and a stills gallery. Eesh. But yeah.
I haven't watched any extra features on Bluffmaster! and B&B yet, I'm saving them for the inevitable bout of depression and homesickness when I move to UK! And as soon as I can, I'm going to buy Kuch Naa Kaho just for the commentary and making of. The audio commentary on Bluffmaster is genius, sometimes even funnier than the actual film. "It's the war of the noses. I won."

Also, speaking of noses - Hrithik has the best nose ever. I so need the Krrish DVD. And Omkara as well.

babasko said...

dont wait with the bluffmaster making of! its too much fun to be left out

Maja said...

Shh don't tempt me! :) I leave in 2 weeks anyway, yikes.

babasko said...

ja, ja, i know its not fair of me. but you know, your FPMBF is soooo naughty in it. and i just dont want any whining after you watched it about "why didn´t you force me to watch it earlier" or anything like that ;-)

babasko said...

infact after thinking about it, i guess i´ll go and watch it again right now *ggg*

Maja said...

I just ordered Kuch Naa Kaho! I don't even care about the movie that much but I'm dying to see that famous making of :D

babasko said...

Bahut accha. The movie is sweet. Aish is wearing about 5cm of makup and the coca-cola product placement is rediculous. but abhi is very very cute.

oh and don´t scroll foreward through the western union commercial. its actually no commercial but the first scene of the movie :-)

Maja said...

Hehe, I'm used to the product placement by now ... I'm sure AB will make up for all that :D

Also, more related to this post, I just listened to an interview with Hrithik last night and he talked about Dhoom 2 and all the training he had to do for it - if they shot any of that, I'm guessing it'll make for an even crazier Making of than the Krrish one. Sandboarding! Woo!