November 02, 2006

Happy birthday, SRK

My grandma loves him, my Ma starts to giggle when we talk about him, my 20 year old former assistent could not do any work without SRK smiling from her computer screen and half of my non-regular Bollywood watching friends or co-worker start drooling at the mention of his name.

And me? Being a die-hard Sanjay Dutt Fan and the fact that I try to branch out a lot watching all kinds of Indian Movies, its sometimes months that I don´t get to see any Shahrukh Khan.

So it happens that I sort of forget what makes me like him so much. And then WHAAMM! One of his films is being played on TV or stuff like KANK arrives and I have to kick myself out of the SRK induced trance-like state that I fall into immediately. He just does that everytime. No matter how good or bad, over-the-top or low-key he acts. The guy just oozes charisma. Beth named it right: Resistance is futile.

So, birthday boy. Happy, happy birthday. Keep on mesmerizing me. Many happy returns. I am by far not done with loving to watching you on the big screen.


Maja said...

Yay for SRK :D These screencaps are fantastic! I can't believe I still don't have my KANK DVD, but I'm too broke to buy it right now *sigh*

DJ said...

Hail to the KING!! Happy happy birthday to you!

nice screencaps, gotta agree!

Beth Loves Bollywood said...

Clearly if I ever get myself to your neck of the woods, I need to meet your grandma. She sounds really fun.

I too will go for stretches without any SRK and then wonder why I did so. Maybe we need to set up email reminders: "Have you watched your SRK this week?"

The Exinator said...

and i like srk so happy bday king khan