June 09, 2006

Any publicity is good publicity

Kamla Bhatt of the Kamla Bhatt Show has mentioned me in her blog. So cool. Thanx. Its her podcast of the interview with Beth that made me find Beth. And thats how I met Totally Basmatic, Maja and all you other cool guys and gals. She also actually made me finally start blogging.

On the other hand she made me a guy, and crushed my blossoming confidence that my English writing skills are gradually improving since I started, by saying that I blog in German.
But as they say any P.R. is good P.R.

EDIT: Kamla of course
already corrected her post. Now good P.R. is good P.R.


Anonymous said...

Extremely sorry to make that unpardonable error. But that will be fixed...

Thanks for understanding.


babasko said...

Oh that was an error still far far away from unpardonable. youre not the first to have been misleaded by my nickname ;-)

Maja said...

Yay, a link to my blog! I'm pretty sure you're the first person to link to me. I feel like a celebrity now :D