June 21, 2006

2 Aur 2 Paanch - but who cares about maths anyway

Remember mustache guy ? Well, he´s at it again. He disposed of the curly wig and goes for a more sophisticated look nowadays.

Oh and isn´t he evil. Trying to kidnapp poor little rich boy. At any cost. Even ordering a very evil boo-boo right for the climax. But luck has it that Shashi Kapoor whom he sent to the boys boarding school for the job has trouble on his own in the name of Amitabh Bachchan. In the past both constantly ran into each other on their jobs resulting in neither getting it done and above all ending up in jail more then once. So there´s not much love on that front.

This time they both are after the boy and disguise themselves as teachers (and asses - no kidding. Sac. Dekho na!). And that´s the fun part. As they make each others lives a living hell. And we get to watch. Yay. Bahut masti.

But there´s also some distraction in the form of Hema Malini and Parveen Babi. Being clever as we girls usually are, they figure the guys out and decide to nudge them on the right track (Hema gets to kick some butt too, btw.)

Not that our heroes are too keen on being reformed. But there is this one incident that takes the story too far and the boys end up working hand in hand (cheap pun intended)

It gets lengthy at times before the story moves to the boarding school, and you have to wait almost an hour for the first song, but little treats such as the terrible coal pit in wigwalas dungeon or Hema singlehandedly stopping a kidnapping attempt make up for that tenfold. And there is of course the legendary chemistry between Shashi and Amitabh. So watching it is every Bollywoodfans pleasant duty.

P.S: Do Aur Do Paanch might be a familiar name with those of you who saw Bluffmaster! as the titletrack was remixed and used for the taxi/mustang chasing scene and its one of the DVDs that lie on Dittus TV.
P.P.S: I almost forgot, there are some very cool explosions too.



Maja said...

*adds it to list* Dammit, it keeps getting longer, I'll never catch up with it at this rate!

Hehe, I'm loving the tight pants-leather jackets combos :D Great screencaps!

babasko said...

i took so many screenshots this time, since there are some veeeery cute bachchan looks, hmmm theres one scene where amithji is clad all in black and his hair is all wet and mussy. Yum.

Katrin said...

And don't forget yummy Shashi! *sigh*
I love this film - it's just so much fun. And as you said, the chemistry between Amitabh and Shashi is amazing. I think I slightly prefer Shaan, though, because it is even more entertaining and over the top(and yes, that is a request for a review *G*).

babasko said...

hmm, yes, Shashi *sigh*.
Its been so hot these last days here in Vienna, that I spent more time on my terasse then in front of the TV, but Shaan is a very good suggestion. Hmm, yes and its a good movie for hot weather.Lets see what the weekend brings :-D