June 15, 2006

Vijay - Powerful Drama Par Excellance...Naah not really

I sincerely hope that my DVD is missing a few scenes otherwise this is one very confusing film. And this tagline from the trailer becomes an outright lie.

Bahut rich industrialist (Anupam Kher) ruins the lifes of his family the usual way. Tries to pay of sons pregnant girlfriend. Kicks daughter (Hema Malini) out of the house for marrying an unsuitable guy. Son dies. Daughter comes back. With grandson (Rishi Kapoor). Other grandson (Anil Kapoor) is adopted by grandfathers business partner. But nobody knows he is grandson. Granddad and partner fight over projekt. Grandsons who became best friends turn into enemies and back. Enter some shady figures who on and of try to kill/ruin Anil. Sometimes on behalf of granddad, sometimes for reasons unknown to me. Then there are also some other people who I have no idea how they fit into the story.

Whats bad in this movie?
Anils hair. Most of the females costumes.

Whats cool in this movie?
Anil and Rishi both get to kiss their girls. On the mouth! Anil even almost gets to make out with his girlfriend in his car - No way? Way!

The whole thing has a Telenovela feel to it. Some dialogs are staged so trashy, you just wait for the actors to suddenly start to talk in portugues or spanish.


Beth Loves Bollywood said...

Yes, that hair must be seen. Choice.

babasko said...

I did not mention one particulary very very bad dress of hema malini because I could not do a proper screenshot of it. Be prepared for bright, very bright pink with brigitte nielsen shoulderpads.

I´m just saying so in case you go blind you can´t say I warned you..

babasko said...

grmml. I meant of course, you won´t be able to say that I DIDN´T warn you.

maybe I should stop to typing as well..