June 05, 2006

Kyon Ki - A matter of conscience

Can I flunk a student for making me watch "Kyon Ki"? Some weeks ago one of my indian students saw Salmans "Tere Naam" DVD lying on my table. Last week he brought Kyon Ki and told me it was at least as good as Tere Naam. Well its NOT!! In fact I could only endure it in 4 sittings.
Not that it was Salmans fault. Its never his fault btw. Yes he is overdoing the silly childish jumping around at times but thats nothing compared to the real weak parts of the film. Like the way Priyadarshan so totally has never ever ever read any books on psychiatry or once visited a modern psychiatric clinic. Not that I am an expert on that field but I dare to assert that electroshocks are usually not used to punish patients. As well as I somehow don´t think the head of clinic is supposed to verbally and physically abuse mentally ill patients.

Apart from getting angry at the total lack of reality/common sense and a total waste of Om Puri and Jackie Shroff there are still some plus points. Ooty and Blue Mountain Railway as filmlocation. Kareena with unobtrusive makeup and beautiful saris. A blink and miss appearance of Sunil Shetty. Yum. But I do not care for Rimi Sen (especially not in a sailor suit related dress)

If you still want to know what the story is about. Take "One Flew Over The Cockoo´s Nest" add lovestory and proven innocence of main character and you roughly get the idea.
So, what do you think?
I need some form of revenge on that student. Maybe I´ll just go and sit in on his camera exam. All quiet and looking somber. That´ll scare the hell out of him. Or I´ll just hit him on the head with the DVD cover. He liked the film so he won´t mind if I hit him.

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Beth Loves Bollywood said...

I am so with you. This movie is awful. It is the only Bollywood movie I have started but not finished. And yes, Rimi Sen is annoying-o-rama.