June 03, 2006

Lagaan on TV

German cable station "Kabel1" is playing Lagaan tonight. The special thing is they air the German dubbed version where the Hindi parts are dubbed in German and the English parts are subtitled. Thats a version which is not available on DVD yet. And I don´t have high hopes it ever will, which is a pity as I´m sure my grandma would love it, but subtitled movies are too tough for her.

It was actually quite some time ago that I watched Lagaan. I dont know why I never re-watched it. Maybe because I did not like the Elisabeth charakter too much. I think she´s the only weak point of the story. But I love the rest of the movie. The music is great, except when Rahman tilts to much into Andrew Lloyd Weber Kitsch. The choreography is so infecting. Camera, story, Cricket (!!!!!) and the great cast.

Ok, commercial break is over. I´ve got to go back. It sucked me in. I love when that happens.


Maja said...

Oh no, I didn't know it was on TV last night! I went out but I think for Lagaan, I might've stayed home instead and watched it. Damn :(
Although ... I'm not sure we even get Kabel1. I'll have to check on that.

babasko said...

its still better to get the Hindi/English DVD. The German dubbed thing is nice but I just love movies in their original version (one of the reasons I would never move back to Salzburg - they only have one small arthouse cinema playing some undubbed movies...) and Hindi is such a beautiful language.