June 28, 2006

Dhaai Akshar Prem Ke - just how much is too much masala?

Any good masala film worth its name must contain at least 15 points of the following list.
Lets check how tonights movie fared:

- four word film title check
- hero is patriot to the core check

- at least one main character observes terrible deed check
- first song during the first 10 minutes check
- most songs shot in switzerland check
- weird costumes in song check

- train ride/bus ride check and check
- hero saves damsel in distress check
- head of family is rich industralist check
- head of family is grumpy old man check

- at least one main character is an orphan check
- family with huge amount of aunties/uncles and of kids check
- song with kids check
- heart attack of elder family member check

- hero falls in love with family and family falls in love with hero check
- two guys/one girl or two girls/one guy check option b
- annoying comic relieve character (relative or servant) check
- bad wigs and/or fake moustaches check and check

- a secret has to be kept, leading to heartbreak check
- devine intervention check
- wet sari due to waterfall and/or rain check and check
- dancing around trees check (no kiddin´!!)

- scenes at temple and/or puja check and check
- missunderstanding that almost ruins everything check
- big sangeet and/or wedding scene check and check
- poison (best if conveniently written on bottle) check

- explosions and/or burning house/factory check
- men running while holding hands check
- evil guy getting his reward in the end check

and never ever to forget:
- blink-and-miss special appearance by famous actor

Conclusion: Yup, its a Masala movie, alright.

P.S: And I love it.


Anonymous said...

wieso kann man bei blogger nicht trackbacken *grummel

babasko said...

ganz schlechter zeitpunkt für diese frage... ich bin heute bis 2.30 uhr gesessen und hab den blog wieder repariert, weil ich wegen trackback u.ä. zum ausprobieren die einträge nach wordpress exportiert hab und das mir hier die formatierung in allen posts gekillt hat.

Maja said...

I just read this post about 15min before I watched Kaho Naa ... Pyaar Hai on TV and there were so many things from this list in it! :D

Movie Mazaa said...

That was one post that was REAL fun!! :))Am already thinking of adding more to the list! ;)

Anonymous said...

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