June 26, 2006

Krrish - buy one film, get two

Yay, the long haired hindi film hero is back. Mujhse bahut khush hoon. And product placement. I don´t know why I suddenly feel the need to change my brand of washingpowder. Or to put it in plain view on my kitchen cupboard.

But I´m being unfair. Its just that since Virrudh (remember the motoroil "commercial" by Sanjay?) it has not been done so blatant. And to be honest, I think it fits in this movie, I have this sort of "miss it when its not there" relation, like with the comic relieve parts. It should be part of any real massala movie.

But I´m zoning out. I just came back from watching Krrish. And I liked it. The second half better then the first one. For all of you who don´t know whats it about, here a quick summary:

The movie starts a few years after the ending of Koi..mil gaya. Krishna (Hritik Roshan) the son of Rohit and Nisha grows up with his grandmother (Rekha) after the death of his parents. She keeps him isolated from the world as she does not want to let people know that he inherited his fathers special powers. Some twenty years later a group of tourist comes to the village Krishna lives in and he meets Priya (Priyanka Chopra).

Two things happen. Krishna falls in love with Priya and Priya finds out about the superpowers of Krishna. She lures him to Singapore, but only after Krishna promises his grandmother to hide his powers from everyone he leaves his dadi.
There of course he is forced to save people at a public venue and to keep his promise he puts on a mask to hide behind. Tension mounts when Krrish (thats how he calls himself now) finds out about Dr. Siddarth Arya (Naseeruddin Shah) and his plan to take over world dominance, as Krrish has a not so small personal interest to stop Arya.

And how was it? Well, I started to get real worried during the first 30 minutes. It looked fake, the dubbing (this seems not be a sync sound movie) was sterile and the story dragged itself. Krishnas first stunts, the one with the horse for example, where underwhelming. You don´t care for Priyankas character. But after the first song it got better and starting with Krishnas arrival in Singapore it really became good. The last hour is even better. The stunts work (I don´t care that most moves are copied from matrix, hongkong cinema and the likes), the pace is good, the twists are interesting. Lets just say the Roshans deliver.

There is one major minus to the whole movie though. Its has one of the worst casting of supporting actors in ages. The kid actors are substandard. The camp guys annoy. Pryias friend is bad. Her boss is uaghh, no, make that bilkul UAGHH.

Lets go back to this posts subtitle. The movie is an average romance in the first half and (especially for hindi cinema) a cool modern action movie in the second. Hrithik is good. He has a scene in the end where you see that he really is a good actor. And his hairstyle makes me very happy. I would have loved to see a little more mean dance moves from him and maybe a little less biceps. But I love his hair. Did I mention that before?
Naseeruddin underplays the evil guy a bit to much for my taste but he is good. And Priyanka and Rekha are ok.

My conclusion? Its not a milestone for Bollywood, but its a good entertainer. Go watch it!

PS: I almost forgot the best part. No Jadoo sightings! Yay!


Maja said...

Hmm, doesn't Hrithik's hair look suspiciously mullet-like? At least in the pictures I've seen. Might be better on screen, and I do like longish hair ... I really can't decide about Krrish any more, at first I wasn't interested in it at all but now I kind of wanna see it.

babasko said...

oh no, his hair is great :-) but you know my hair fetish.
I did not go into the cinema with to high hopes since I really did not like the last 2 films of the father/son roshan team. Kaho naa..pyaar hai I almost don´t remember, only that it did not do to mach for me. And Koi mil...gaya, naa I dont like Jadoo. But then I was really annoyed with Jarjar Bings (or however one spell this stupid thing) in Starwars as well.

babasko said...

oh yes the parents, but you can´t count them as actors, I guess the just caught some people passing by outside the filmlocation and lured them in with the bananas left by Mao.